Today's videos

( Thanks sukren ). -> when mom has no arms.. a beautiful example on how even the worst mutilations cannot stop the will to live life as best as one can. Impressive. -> Japanese rush hour: press people in subway's wagons, better pressed like sardines than late at work. Is this the basis of a working society? Does a working society forcibly impose no self-esteem and alienation? Gimme an answer, 'cause I'm out of ideas. -> The classic funny vid, you need this before watching the next one. -> For non italian speakers: The journalist asks Silvio what he would regarding unstable job contracts, and the always more disseminated poverty. Silvio answers that women should marry his sons, because he's got lots of money. He also likes to express that the beautiful smile and eyes of the journalist would make her a good chance in succeeding.

I feel depressed that this man is Italy's prime minister, whose power and money addicition is more than clear from his "innocent jokes".

I feel also depressed that people actually say that Silvio is "funny", and aren't able to look further its jokes and realize that Silvio is exactly that: a joke, an advertising.

Well, fuck you, stupid Italy. Fuck. You.