How to backup with time machine on a network share

Ingredients: Debian, Netatalk, Avahi, some trickery.

Step 1: recompile netatalk adding SSL Support: blackmac.de.

You can safely ignore the ".passwd" stuff, afpd uses PAM for user authentication.

Hint: disable the atalk protocol handlers in /etc/default/netatalk:

# Set which daemons to run (papd is dependent upon atalkd):
ATALKD_RUN=no        # appletalk protocol
PAPD_RUN=no          # printer sharing daemon (printers are soooo '90s)  

Jesus wants you to fuck me

From: http://reddit.com/goto?id=5zhpl

Date: 2005-03-10, 11:35AM CST

You're a really, really sweet girl. I knew when I met you at that party last year that you were different, but I wan't sure how. You were really hot, one of the only other sober people there, and you speak spanish, which I enjoy thoroughly. We had a nice chat, I got your number and my friend Anne has emailed me no less than three times telling me you ask about me a lot. I was psyched to meet up with you the other night, and you looked so hot, again.

ordinaria amministrazione [#ahccc]

[00:52'58"] @rendiamo-| cmq
[00:53'04"] @rendiamo-| io a 45 anni
[00:53'06"] @rendiamo-| saro` come michell9
[00:53'10"] @rendiamo-| staro` ancora qui
[00:53'10"]       culo| anche l'altro giorno! stavo trombando! a metà 
                        sono andaot a giocare a nethack
[00:53'12"] @      alk| HAHHAHAHHAHAHA
[00:53'13"] @rendiamo-| AHHAHA
[00:53'20"]       culo| gh
[00:53'21"]       culo| sì oh vero
[00:53'21"] @      alk| HAHAHAHHAHA
[00:53'24"]       culo| l'altro giorno ci ho pensato
[00:53'25"]       culo| cioè  

Sembra facile ma non è difficile cosè?

Il moccolatore dell'anno

Fatevi due risate bestemmianti!

ed un bel remix certosino


How to fool a captcha

dfa pasta questo link da blog.trendmicro.com, in cui e` descritto un software ( che magari ha storm come backend ) per trasformare migliaia di pornografi in giro per l'internet in "captcha-decoders" alla merce` degli spambot.

Maledettamente geniale come idea.

gli os moderni sux

[23:31'43"]        vjt| che pena windows 2003
[23:31'45"]        vjt| dio animale
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [    0.000000] Initializing CPU#0
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [    0.000000] PID hash table entries:
                        4096 (order: 12, 16384 bytes)
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [    0.000000] Detected 1666.740 MHz
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [ 2082.752440] Console: colour VGA+ 80x25
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [ 2082.752445] console [tty0] enabled
[23:33'03"]        vjt| e pure linux non e` da meno
[23:33'21"]        vjt| irb(main):001:0> 2082.75/60
[23:33'21"]        vjt| => 34.7125
[23:33'27"]        vjt| 34 minuti per inizializzare la cpu
[23:33'34"]        vjt| ma che avra` mai fatto in quei 34 minuti