Chuck Norris in Ruby

intinig ported Chuck's roundhouse kick power to ruby! Take a look:

Laughing out loud

Cosa mangi oggi ?


The perfect duration of effects...


... is 0.3. Period.

[OLD] white & nerdy

Well, this video is from ages ago but... I never blogposted about it so here it is Sticking out tongue

Mac OS X 10.6

I've got it!

Mac OS X 10.6.4

Evil is everywhere.

Transmitting file data ..

Committed revision 666.

What does your .bash_history say?

A friend of mine told me that on techie blogs there is a new meme going on: show off the most used commands, starting from shell history:

history | \
 awk '{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}' | \
 sort -rn| head -15

I've got 20 times the default bash history size (10k lines), so it'll yield interesting results. I also use the history timestamp feature, so a little sed strip timestamps out.

Let's see:

 13:19:50 vjt@voyager:~/code$ history | 
     sed 's#^[ 0-9\[\/\:]*\]\([^ ]*\).*#\1#' |  

Remove a lightwindow trigger link after an AJAX call

Well, this is the result of 2 days of head-banging with lightwindow:

Index: public/javascripts/lightwindow.js, line 444

  _removeLink : function(removed) {
    // remove it from the links array
    this.links = this.links.reject(function(link) {
      if (link == removed.href)
	 return true;
    // remove it from the gallery links array
    if (gallery = this._getGalleryInfo(removed.rel)) {
      klass = gallery[0];
      name = gallery[1];
      if (this.galleries[klass] && this.galleries[klass][name]) {

Avventure con Windows Mobile

Per qualche malefica ragione il capo si è ritrovato a dover lavorare con infrastruttura Windows: un chiosco che ospita un server web e una serie di smartphone Windows Mobile ci devono accedere via Wifi per inviare una form.

Primo problema: Internet Explorer Mobile non supporta il campo per l'invio di file. Soluzione? Aggiornare a Windows Mobile 6. L'abbiamo fatto grazie a un h4x che permette di impostare i palmari in olandese perché senò il firmware (scaricato dal sito ufficiale, cliccando sulla banierina italiana) non riconosce il palmare.

We still can do it.

Well, it seems that I've got no reason to be paranoid about my age: I still can do inline like I did (everyday) when I was a bit younger Smiling.

On international workers day, 1st of may, sam literally carried my out from home, far from the computer, and we went skating. It's been an awesome day, we skated a lot, and shot some nice photos.

But the real good ones have been shot when ndstr catched us. He is by far the best photographer you could met, and of course my favourite one (take a look at his site!).

He's been also a skater, so he knows very very well how and when to shot in order to take out the most from your tricks Smiling. Here are two of them, portraying me and sam while doing our best!

sam & vjt on 1st may skating

It was fun. Really fun. Thank you sam for taking me out of home Laughing out loud.

Oh, and don't forget to visit my deviantart, and look at this one Laughing out loud