One thousand hours

Connect time: 1012:46:29
15154838396 octets in, 3906281479 octets out
28744921 packets in, 25574122 packets out
overall 5227 bytes/sec
currently 6378 bytes/sec in, 5937 bytes/sec out (over the last 5 secs)
peak 121421 bytes/sec on Fri Feb 15 03:49:29 2008

Who needs a CDN.. when you can have always-on residential ADSL with dynamic DNS! You just need an UPS that power-backes an OpenBSD gateway and a regular DSL bridge Laughing out loud. It works! Laughing out loud


well, the connection dropped

well, the connection dropped after 1136 hours Sad.

The PPPoE session remained up, but no data was received. I had to kill the userland ppp daemon and power cycle the DSL bridge. Maybe it has the culprit. Sad :(.

il vero sballo e` dire SUX