2.6.23 gone mad


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Then, one says.. WTF?!

UPDATE: Greg K-H said that this is meant to make life easier to reviewers. What do you think? Two friends of mine said "screw it up, linux gonna die! {hurd,freebsd,solaris,darwin} ftw!" Smiling

I simply think that a -stable tree is ought to be .. well.. stable.. but what's stable in linuxland these days? .. Sad also, if I'd only like the security updates, should I apply the seven patches and maybe break some other thing? No-no Greg, this time I'm disappointed. But I still like Linux .. so I'll swallow the pill and hope that no Bad Thing (tm) will happen. sigh.

Scraping IMDB for fun and profit (tm)

scRUBYt! logo

After some hours of pattern matching, html analysis and such, I've come up with a fuzzy IMDB scraper implemented using scRUBYt!, that can be used to extract any kind of information from the huge IMDB database in a programmatical way.

Here it is, straight from the scRUBYt wiki.

I hope you enjoy it Smiling.

[xkcd] 1337

One of the best xkcd stories out there, which reached completion today. Go read the 5 parts. Exciting.

defaults write no-glass -boolean yes

leopard no-glass dock

yuck. screw those useless 3d effects. (.. and i'm a former beryl user... Eye-wink)

Earth clock

How to backup with time machine on a network share

Ingredients: Debian, Netatalk, Avahi, some trickery.

Step 1: recompile netatalk adding SSL Support:

You can safely ignore the ".passwd" stuff, afpd uses PAM for user authentication.

Hint: disable the atalk protocol handlers in /etc/default/netatalk:

# Set which daemons to run (papd is dependent upon atalkd):
ATALKD_RUN=no        # appletalk protocol
PAPD_RUN=no          # printer sharing daemon (printers are soooo '90s)  

How to fool a captcha

dfa pasta questo link da, in cui e` descritto un software ( che magari ha storm come backend ) per trasformare migliaia di pornografi in giro per l'internet in "captcha-decoders" alla merce` degli spambot.

Maledettamente geniale come idea.

gli os moderni sux

[23:31'43"]        vjt| che pena windows 2003
[23:31'45"]        vjt| dio animale
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [    0.000000] Initializing CPU#0
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [    0.000000] PID hash table entries:
                        4096 (order: 12, 16384 bytes)
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [    0.000000] Detected 1666.740 MHz
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [ 2082.752440] Console: colour VGA+ 80x25
[23:32'55"]        vjt| [ 2082.752445] console [tty0] enabled
[23:33'03"]        vjt| e pure linux non e` da meno
[23:33'21"]        vjt| irb(main):001:0> 2082.75/60
[23:33'21"]        vjt| => 34.7125
[23:33'27"]        vjt| 34 minuti per inizializzare la cpu
[23:33'34"]        vjt| ma che avra` mai fatto in quei 34 minuti