Ruby 1.9 has the answer to life, universe and everything

 22:33:24 vjt@voyager:~$ irb19 -f
irb(main):001:0> Symbol.all_symbols.grep /^the/
=> [:the_answer_to_life_the_universe_and_everything]

! Smiling
unluckily, the answer isn't 42:

irb(main):002:0> _.first.object_id
=> 5048


Thanks for this strange finding, nextie! Laughing out loud

[#debian] iceweasel on acid

[14:47'59"]    edistar| why doesn't iceweasel pass the acid2 test?
[14:48'26"]        asg| because ice weasels prefer weed2


Nerdish blog theme for wordpress

Marvellous: http://thrind.xamai.ca/

Check it out.

How to clean your mighty mouse

Amazingly dirty mighty mouse? No more working scroll ball? Here's the solution. It works. Do not throw your 50-euros 4 months old mighty mouse in the fire, clean it!!


Mercurial Rules!

[21:01'03"]        vjt| evn, mercurial rules!
[21:01'26"]        vjt| evn, it's amazingly fast, it does not
                        clutter your source tree with .svn dirs,
                        has a nice (gitweb-like) web interface
[21:01'44"]        vjt| and it's easy to administer, too
[21:01'50"]        vjt| it's really a nice piece of software
[21:02'07"]        vjt| also converting svn repos it's a matter of minutes
[21:02'14"]        vjt| i really like it Smiling

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When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth

A really really really NERD novel by Cory Doctorow in which a bunch of sysadmins strive to keep the good ol' Net online after a catastrophic event that brought the entire world to its knees, while fighting with scarce power and food supplies, and communicating over the Usenet... the "good old alt. hierarchy".

Vote: 10+ for the geekiest thing I've ever read, it's really worth the hour needed to read it fully. Enjoy it.

Hello world in Shakespeare language

This is an "Hello world!" program, implemented in the Shakespeare programming language. Awesome! Laughing out loud

The Infamous Hello World Program.

Romeo, a young man with a remarkable patience.
Juliet, a likewise young woman of remarkable grace.
Ophelia, a remarkable woman much in dispute with Hamlet.
Hamlet, the flatterer of Andersen Insulting A/S.

Act I: Hamlet's insults and flattery.

Scene I: The insulting of Romeo.

[slashdot] Robots assimilate into cockroach society

sufijazz writes "Scientists have gotten tiny robots to not only integrate into cockroach society but also control it. 'This experiment in bug peer pressure combined entomology, robotics and the study of ways that complex and even intelligent patterns can arise from simple behavior.

Who has the oil?

Who has the oil?

click the image for the full version (from civicactions.com)

Impressive, isn't it? Like a bird's-eye look over the oil consumption/production currently tearing down the fscking world to its fscking knees. It sucks.