We still can do it.

Well, it seems that I've got no reason to be paranoid about my age: I still can do inline like I did (everyday) when I was a bit younger Smiling.

On international workers day, 1st of may, sam literally carried my out from home, far from the computer, and we went skating. It's been an awesome day, we skated a lot, and shot some nice photos.

But the real good ones have been shot when ndstr catched us. He is by far the best photographer you could met, and of course my favourite one (take a look at his site!).

He's been also a skater, so he knows very very well how and when to shot in order to take out the most from your tricks Smiling. Here are two of them, portraying me and sam while doing our best!

sam & vjt on 1st may skating

It was fun. Really fun. Thank you sam for taking me out of home Laughing out loud.

Oh, and don't forget to visit my deviantart, and look at this one Laughing out loud

Urinals in amsterdam

Today's videos

( Thanks sukren ).

http://www.glumbert.com/media/armless -> when mom has no arms.. a beautiful example on how even the worst mutilations cannot stop the will to live life as best as one can. Impressive.

http://www.glumbert.com/media/rushhour -> Japanese rush hour: press people in subway's wagons, better pressed like sardines than late at work. Is this the basis of a working society? Does a working society forcibly impose no self-esteem and alienation? Gimme an answer, 'cause I'm out of ideas.

We're going mad...

Europeans! Help us! Italy is AGAIN in the hands of mr. Berlusconi... we're going mad, lots of people here have no representatives in Italian parliament, because of the INFAMOUS electoral law (defined as such by its own creator, Roberto Calderoli).

Please link and spread sites like http://mavaffanculosilvio.it/, and the lots of youtube videos that expose our madness at him. Sad.

Italy's getting worse every day Sad also because LOTS of people actually BELIEVE him... Sad.

enough. enough.

A History of Evil

Simplicity matters.

Today's links (I should use a del.icio.us)

Everyone thanks nextie for these ones, visit them in order:

- http://www.last.fm/music/Orbital/_/Time+Becomes
- http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1=ht..
- http://hdadd.com

-> add this podcast to iTunes! Now! Laughing out loud

And after that, take a look at shapiro!

One thousand hours

Connect time: 1012:46:29
15154838396 octets in, 3906281479 octets out
28744921 packets in, 25574122 packets out
overall 5227 bytes/sec
currently 6378 bytes/sec in, 5937 bytes/sec out (over the last 5 secs)
peak 121421 bytes/sec on Fri Feb 15 03:49:29 2008

Who needs a CDN.. when you can have always-on residential ADSL with dynamic DNS! You just need an UPS that power-backes an OpenBSD gateway and a regular DSL bridge Laughing out loud. It works! Laughing out loud

Mad USB disk on OSX

How funny is this:

mad usb disk - 1

mad usb disk - 2

mad usb disk - 3

( Thanks 5p4r0 Eye-wink )