Goodbye, welcome

I'll never regret the creation of, and I'll always thank MorrigaN for forcing me to do it, back in 2007. Like the endless days and nights we spent together on IRC in the first years of the new millenium, setting up and managing was fun, until only myself started posting and following it. Much the same that happened to the IRC channel.

Yeah, I know that I'm the founder, and I should keep up the channel, site and feelings. But I ain't no god and neither wanna be, I didn't create the past situations nor was the pulsating heart of the #sniffo community. I simply gave my time and soul to it, and all of you inconsciounsly felt it and did the same. That's why we spent so much good time together. Because of our big big hearts, and the amounts of love that flowed through them Smiling.

Again, I'll never regret, this is not a "fuck you off" post, quite the opposite, in fact. I love you all, and I'll never stop thanking you for all the good time we spent together. So good that it'll never come back, and no one can ever make come it back. We tried, MorrigaN, and we failed, because things are constantly changing, and living in the past is a no-brainer Smiling.

Now, back to the subject, I've decided to split the funny bullshits me and you posted here from humbly serious and technical stuff I work on everyday, so I built up, on which I'll continue posting much more often than I post here. So, click on the link, and add it to your bookmarks and RSS reader! Smiling