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alk's song !
( Based on "Armless Skater", by Satanic Surfers )

[11:50'18"]     vjt| I had a friend whose only job
[11:50'28"]     vjt| Was to keep him nerdish and to flog his log
[11:50'37"]     vjt| Those were the only things he wanted to do
[11:50'44"]     vjt| And I think that's really NERD
[11:50'53"]     vjt| Then one day he had an accident
[11:51'00"]     vjt| And had to amputate his fingers
[11:51'08"]     vjt| I'd like to guess if he was sad that day ..
[11:51'14"]     vjt| He can't code
[11:51'25"]     vjt| He can't browse pr0n
[11:51'32"]     vjt| And he surely cannot masturbate no moooooooore

( E adesso, qualcosa di orribile )


i mort da drog...

i mort da drog...


Laughing out loud