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The right session shows a document open on an aggregate audio device between soundflower (2ch) and a Creative SBLive with 6 channels: the flower receives sound input from iTunes and routes it to the card channels, using all the 6 speakers.

The end of online anonymity

Exactly the words that run around my mind these days:

"When we reach the point where online anonymity has ended, instead of getting to be who we really are, the fact that we've become so aware of the fact that we're always being recorded, photographed, tracked, and traced, will have actually created a slightly altered personality instead. Like reality TV show contestants, the act of being observed will change our behavior. Our personal brand image will become our public identity and therefore our identity."

che editor usa?

<gianluca> quindi lei ti chiede che profilattico usi.. in realta` tu devi chiederle che EDITOR usa
<vjt> .. ma io, ora che mi ci fai pensare, non le ho ancora chiesto che editor usa..
<gianluca> marcello, non fare questo errore
<gianluca> perche` quando nasce il bambino
<gianluca> lui poi non sapra` quale editor usare
<vjt> .. rotfl!

Making the CCacheServer Kerberos Ticket server actually Work(tm) on OSX

If you're wondering *why* the CCacheServer daemon, that caches in memory Kerberos tickets obtained via kinit(1) is NOT starting .. that's because of a *strange* bug regarding the LimitLoadToSessionType specified into the agent .plist, located into


on OSX 10.5 systems.

You simply have to comment out these two lines:


And either

codo, cago, o caffè?

Oct 30 2:05:32 AM <alk> ottimo ottimo
Oct 30 2:06:06 AM <alk> bene ora
Oct 30 2:06:08 AM <alk> cago
Oct 30 2:06:10 AM <alk> caffe`
Oct 30 2:06:10 AM <alk> codo
Oct 30 2:06:12 AM <alk> oppure
Oct 30 2:06:16 AM <alk> caffe`
Oct 30 2:06:20 AM <alk> e codo mentre cago
Oct 30 2:06:22 AM <alk> si
Oct 30 2:06:23 AM <vjt> HAHAHAHAHA
Oct 30 2:06:24 AM <alk> meglio cosi`
Oct 30 2:06:30 AM <alk> ottimizzo
Oct 30 2:06:36 AM <alk> cago meglio col caffe` e riesco anche a codare
Oct 30 2:06:50 AM <alk> lol


OH My F... and StraF... GOD!!
Johnssss Il mio compleanno e' 18 giugno ricordatevene! XD
Mhh.. no no troppo lontano, ma Natale e' tra un mese =PPP

Pushing git commit messages to lighthouse in a batch

If you use github-provided lighthouse integration, from the "Admin" pages of your git repository, you may have stumbled upon on a glitch: every changeset on lighthouse appears as done by the lighthouse user that configured the integration on github.

This happens because lighthouse uses the API token to link changeset authors to LH users, and that's not good when you're not alone committing Smiling.

Il vaso della maionese

"Quando ti sembra di avere troppe cose da gestire nella vita, quando 24 ore in un giorno non sono abbastanza, ricordati del vaso della Maionese e dei due bicchieri di vino..."

Un professore stava davanti alla sua classe di filosofia e aveva davanti alcuni oggetti.

Quando la classe incominciò a zittirsi, prese un grande barattolo di maionese vuoto e lo iniziò a riempire di palline da golf. Chiese poi agli studenti se il barattolo fosse pieno e costoro risposero che lo fosse.

"Ho fatto tutto nel mondo degli editor"

[ preface: la sua attuale ragazza lavora come editor in una casa editrice ]

<censored> ormai ho fatto tutto nel mondo degli editor
<censored> prima ero vi-ista
<censored> poi sono diventato emacsista timido
<censored> poi gnuista
<censored> poi emacsista convinto
<censored> poi ho fatto sesso con la francese vi-ista e fare l'editor wars mentre scopavo
<censored> poi alla fine, mi sono messo con un editor.

<vjt> ROTFL
<vjt> ahahahahahahahhahahaha

For you :]

Thanks, for everything. :*. You taught me some of the biggest lessons of my life. Now I can go ahead. And this is the song for this moment. See you!

I can't even think of words to match the way I'm feeling
I don't even think a book could say enough for you
I can only try my best, to put it in a song I guess
You try to speak, I know you tell the truth

If I could freeze our small amount of time together
Then we could make believe this world would never end (make believe this world would never end)
Unfortunately truth is cold
So you stay young while I get old
But always know, I'm your best friend

Nothing is the same
Everything is a better change
Sometimes I see silence in your eyes
Let it all crash down
When it ends it begins with you
I'm gonna learn every time you do