Project Arise

Ciao ragazzi, la mia assenza in questi mesi e' dovuta anche a questo: abbiamo girato una serie horror a torino di 10 puntate da 3 minuti l'una ed e' finalmente online il sito poiche' e' uscita ieri la prima puntata. Iscrivetevi numerosi nella home del sito per ricevere ogni settimana il link per vedere la puntata!! Nel sito che secondo me e' ben fatto trovate diverse sezioni tra cui anche un forum per commentare le puntate e segnalare problemi tecnici.
Il persoanggio che interpreto comparira' verso la fine della serie nelle ultime puntate. Buona visione!
Sappiatemi dire cosa ne pensate =)

For you :]

Thanks, for everything. :*. You taught me some of the biggest lessons of my life. Now I can go ahead. And this is the song for this moment. See you!

I can't even think of words to match the way I'm feeling
I don't even think a book could say enough for you
I can only try my best, to put it in a song I guess
You try to speak, I know you tell the truth

If I could freeze our small amount of time together
Then we could make believe this world would never end (make believe this world would never end)
Unfortunately truth is cold
So you stay young while I get old
But always know, I'm your best friend

Nothing is the same
Everything is a better change
Sometimes I see silence in your eyes
Let it all crash down
When it ends it begins with you
I'm gonna learn every time you do

Rose of Sharyn -- -7

Numb and broken,
Here I stand alone,
Wondering what were
The last words I said to you
Hoping, praying that I'll find a way
To turn back time,
Can I turn back time?
What would I give to behold.
The smile the face of love,
You never left me,
The rising sun
Will always speak your name.

Numb, i'm broken
Here i stand alone.
Wondering the words,
The last words i said to you
It won't be long
We'll meet again...



I’m trying to control myself
So please don’t stand in my way
I’ve waited for the longest time
This is what I wanted in my way

Move over, move over
There’s a climax coming in my way
Move over, move over
There’s a climax coming in my way

I don’t like you, don’t compromise
Shattered by your weakness
Shattered by your smile
And I’m not very fond of you, and your lies
Shattered by your weaknesses
Shattered by your smile

All the kids are going back to school
The summer’s over it’s the golden rule
And now I’m coming out to play
So please don’t stand in my way
And all the things that seemed once to be
So important to me
Seem so trivial now that I can see

Move over, move over
There’s a climax coming my way x2

Please don’t stand in my way

Cap'n Crunch

[Dlin dlon] Informazione gratuita...

John Draper alias Captain Crunch, probabilmente presenzierà al MOCA.

Secondo voci di corridoio alla richiesta degli organizzatori di presenziare all'evento lui avrebbe risposto: "sì ok, ma ci sono rave in zona?"

[OLD] white & nerdy

Well, this video is from ages ago but... I never blogposted about it so here it is Sticking out tongue

Mafia pizza Italy

A voi le considerazioni..

secondo me molto interessante..

Today's videos

( Thanks sukren ). -> when mom has no arms.. a beautiful example on how even the worst mutilations cannot stop the will to live life as best as one can. Impressive. -> Japanese rush hour: press people in subway's wagons, better pressed like sardines than late at work. Is this the basis of a working society? Does a working society forcibly impose no self-esteem and alienation? Gimme an answer, 'cause I'm out of ideas.